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About JC Car Sales

Our journey began around 20 years ago when we were pulling off a small business venture dealing cars in the local market. In 2005, our company climbed the next rung on the ladder with its move into a new showroom located in the Għaxaq bypass, where we started importing vehicles from the esteemed UK market.

2007 marked a second expansion to another showroom. We also became active members of the UVIA (Used Vehicles Importers Association), which enabled us to commence importation of used cars directly from Japan.

Our basic philosophy has remained the same throughout the years we spent establishing ourselves. We treat our customers to a supreme service and keep redefining our extraordinary standards with every car sale we make.


We’re committed to providing you with a vehicle that fulfils the double purpose of a joyful ride and sturdy assistant. So if you’re looking for a high-quality used car to make your own, we’re your people.

We pay great attention to your needs and source a vehicle that fits your requirements like a charm, every time.

Our experience and eye for quality makes us unbeatable players in the motor dealer business, and we’re always happy to share our expertise with our customers. Finding your dream four wheels is what drives us to excel.

If you’ve got a used car you wish to trade, we also accept part exchanges.

Vehicles from Japan

Each vehicle we import from Japan comes with JEVIC and VCA certificates.

The JEVIC certificate proves that the mileage is warranted following rigorous tests by trained personnel. These tests verify that the mileage displayed on the car is in fact its actual mileage and that there has been no tampering with the meters.

All Japanese imports are approved by VCA against standards set by the European Union and Malta Transport Authority, so you can be confident in their compliance.

High graded auction sheet documents are also provided when you purchase a Japanese imported car.

Vehicles from the UK

We usually inspect UK imported vehicles ourselves to avoid unpleasant surprises and hidden damages from affecting our customers’ choice of car.

What is visible on photos posted online often isn’t reflective of the real condition of the car. When you enquire after a specific model and we’re not available to carry out a thorough check ourselves, our representatives base in the UK inspect the vehicles on our behalf.

All UK imported vehicles can be shipped with an HPI certificate to rule out any mileage discrepancies and certify that everything related to the vehicle is in order.

After a personal inspection and a test drive are performed, we also check:

  • Any outstanding finance on the vehicle
  • The vehicle’s full-service history
  • The vehicle’s history of no accidents
  • That the vehicle isn’t stolen or cloned

Documentation matching the car specifications, such as registration number, chassis number etc.

Financing and Warranties

We’re so confident in our promise to sell vehicles in sound condition that we give a written warranty to our entire clientele for total peace of mind.

  • No Security on loan required
  • Easy repayment terms of up to 6 years!
  • On the spot loan approval
  • Low despot from just Eu500
  • Tailor made packages for any budget or requirements
  • All cars come with warranty